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About Us

Ear-A-Tated is a locally owned Ear Microsuctioning Clinic. Our qualified and highly trained Registered Nurse has full accreditation to perform Ear Microsuctioning, Ear Irrigation and Curretage. We are a locally owned and operated clinic that offers high-quality care at affordable prices. We stock several different products for ear conditions such as; swimmer's ear, itchy and scaly ears, and kits for home ear irrigation.


What is Ear Microsuctioning?

Ear Microsuctioning is a safe and effective way to remove ear wax and debris. The procedure itself is a small vacuum-like instrument that suctions out debris from the ear canal. It's a painless procedure performed by our qualified Ear Health Practitioners using a magnified O-scope inspection tool.

What is Ear Irrigation?

Ear Irrigation is the procedure of flushing the ears with warm water to remove ear wax and debris from the ear canals. It is a reasonably safe procedure when performed properly. Our Ear Health Practitioners perform a warmth test prior to each flush and intermittently checks the ear canals for any remaining wax or debris.

What is Curettage?

Curettage is the mechanical procedure for removing ear wax and debris from the ear canal. This procedure is performed under magnified O-scope by one of our professionally trained Ear Health Practitioners. This procedure is often performed to remove small items placed in the ear by young children.